At Mud and Lotus Wellness we believe that the self-care and well being of professional caregivers are the cornerstones of a healthy helping relationship. As helping professionals we walk into the suffering of others on a daily basis, which can lead to feelings of burnout, stress, and ultimately empathy fatigue. Self-care and resiliency can be an antidote to this, but these are not necessarily innate skills but rather ones that require training. Mindfulness and Compassion training can guide those in helping professions to focus on self-care, be more compassionate and client-centered by looking at how we think, how we act, how we relate, and how we find meaning in both our successes and struggles in a complex work environment and in our personal lives.


The ability to engage in skillful self-care is not a given for anyone in a helping profession. It is a skill that needs to be intentionally taught, learned and nurtured. Mindfulness and Compassion training builds these skills. When we invest the time and energy into taking care of ourselves we are actually making the investment in those we care for!


By putting Mindfulness and Compassion into action we can learn to build resilience, connection, and compassion within ourselves, with our clients and colleagues.


Mindfulness and Compassion training provide us with essential inner resources and relationship centred skills, which cultivate and develop a sense of “presence” or “being with” others in a way that promotes effective collaboration. Many organizations are seeing the benefit of investing in the wellness of their employees through these practices as this translates into  better outcomes for their clients.


Our programs are tailored for professional caregivers with little to lots of experience with Mindfulness and Compassion practices. We work both with individuals and organizations by offering introductory workshops and retreats, in-depth training including groups, and guest speaking. Our offerings are informed by our wide range of training in Mindfulness and Compassion practices, you can see our About Us page for more details.


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