At Mud & Lotus Wellness we focus our programs on promoting our participants well-being and resilience through Mindfulness and Compassion based practices. Our experience is that Mindfulness and Compassion support us to thrive in all areas of our lives. Whether you are new to the practice or an established practitioner, interested in your own well-being and resilience or an organization interested in promoting the wellness of your employees and or students, we have a program for you.

We recognize that the needs of each individual and organization are unique. As such we like to meet in-person or over the phone to discuss what type of service might work best for you and how to tailor our programs to meet your needs.

We have an expertise in supporting the well-being and resilience of those employed in helping and caregiving professions such as healthcare, education, emergency services, criminal justice, and social services, both in the private and public sector. We offer programming specifically designed for the needs of these professionals.